Proof Positive’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to build the next great restaurant by providing investment capital, business expertise, and back-office support. Our partnership bridges the gap between talented operators and passionate investors.

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Bay Area restaurant investing is risky, but also very rewarding to investors who invest smart!

Proof Positive provides a unique model that best positions investors to enjoy these rewards by pairing strong operators with capital, guidance, and back-office management to capitalize on select opportunities in key neighborhoods in the Bay Area.

Investing in Proof Positive's restaurant & bar funds provide investors with:
●  Diversification across concepts, operators & locations
●  An ‘inside guy’ that protects their interests by negotiating contracts, managing cash, and overseeing accounting & reporting,
●  A favorable investment structure that provides greater business ownership & quarterly cash flow distributions, and;
●  Investors perks across multiple locations, for the same investment

We focus on the back-of-house, so our partners can focus on the front

Proof Positive best positions restauranteurs for success by not only providing the capital to build the business, but being by your side from the day we shake hands to after the door closes at night.  

Proof Positive provide experienced back-office support so you can focus on your product and your customers, and we are your first point of contact when you need help.   

Our business model minimizes risk and maximizes success.

Who we back

Proof Positive partners with ambitious, talented restauranteurs that believe in building great businesses with hard work and solid restaurant acumen. 

Key characteristics of our partners include:
●  Experience in high volume and well regarded business
●  Vision with demonstrated ability to execute
●  Reputation for accountability and leadership; no assholes
●  Strong customer service skills and business “smarts”
●  Deep familiarity with the Bay Area market and target market
●  Ability to put “skin in the game”

We are looking for restauranteurs that recognize the needs of a particular neighborhood, balance creativity with practicality, and will work smart and hard on building a successful business.

Founder's Fund Investments

Proof Positive's founders have been involved in the San Francisco/Bay Area restaurant, bar and nightlife space since 1999. The following are the businesses in which the partners have a financial stake in:

Proof Positive Fund 1

Proof Positive Partners' first fund had it's first close in March 2016 and final close in March 2017. It is currently deploying capital and has a number of exciting deals funded and in the pipeline. Below are the invested concepts to date, with many more in the pipeline! Please contact us to learn more.